Drop to drop

In the fall of 2017, the Rotary Almaty Club decided to support the social project of its partner - the Rotaract Almaty Club. For 2 months (October-November), an information campaign was conducted in social media calling on Almaty residents to become blood donors.

The "Drop to Drop" project reminded many of us that helping our neighbor (albeit unknown) is available to everyone. Every day and night in the operating rooms of the city, doctors fight for the lives of our compatriots. And they need donated blood!

Almost all members of the Rotary Club of Almaty, who are not medically forbidden to be a donor, donated their blood within the framework of the "Drop to Drop" project.

Several labor collectives also took part in the project. The most active of them were employees of Almatytelecom and Bacchus JSC.

A total of 180 liters of blood were collected, which helped 1,350 people.

The completion of the project was marked by a special event for donor participants in one of the nightclubs in Almaty.