Clinic "Aksai". Repair of resuscitation

In February 2017, we completed another project at the Aksai Children's Clinical Hospital - the repair and design of the intensive care unit (resuscitation). Children who underwent surgery in this ward come out of anesthesia and recover after anesthesia.
Before we decided to implement this project, they were greeted by a very sad picture - the condition of the ceilings, floor and walls in the intensive care unit left much to be desired. A dull gray setting.

But after a very successful previous project - the restoration and artistic painting of the emergency room in the clinic, which we conducted there less than a year ago - it was decided to apply the same approach. As a result, after almost major repairs of the ward (replacement of windows, doors, primers, plastering and painting of ceilings and walls, floor coverings), we again turned to a friend of our Club - a young Almaty artist Zhanel Zhubanova. And the intensive care unit has been completely transformed...

What came out of this, you can see in the selection of photos below.