Assistance to the correctional nursery-garden No2

One of the current projects that our Club is currently working on is to raise funds for an international grant from the Rotary Foundation. Through the joint efforts of our club and its friends, Rotarians from foreign clubs and the Rotary Foundation, we want to equip the Almaty specialized (correctional) nursery-garden No. 2.

The nursery-garden itself was founded in 1961. At first, it was just a general education, and in the 90s it became a specialized correctional institution for children with mental retardation. Currently, there are 6 age groups in the kindergarten and with a design capacity of 60 places, 72 children attend it. Under fairly decent conditions of detention (in 2011, the kindergarten was reconstructed), the main thing that is lacking today is special textbooks, equipment and educational materials that will help improve the effectiveness of correctional work of specialists with children.

We have already negotiated with our Rotary District 2430, received support from the regional administration, and applied for an international grant from the Rotary Foundation. Also, we are negotiating with one of the South Korean Rotary clubs, whose Rotarians have expressed interest in participating in one of our projects. The participation and support of several clubs is a prerequisite for the allocation of additional funds from the Rotary Foundation.

In the near future, we plan to hold several events to inform the public and raise funds for this project.

If you or your organization is ready to join our project, fill out the form, which for your convenience is located in the upper right corner of the page. We will be very grateful and will definitely contact you as soon as possible.