Wheelchair distribution

In 2002, the Rotary Club of Almaty organized a project to distribute 240 wheelchairs to Almaty disabled people and residents of other regions of Kazakhstan. This project was very successful and elicited a positive response from the public.

The project was attended by the Committee of Twin Cities of Tucson Almaty, Rotary Club almaty, Philip Morris Kazakhstan and Counterpart International.

Responsibilities were distributed as follows:

1. Tucson-Almaty Sister Cities Committee coordinated the project internationally (which included the collection and delivery of wheelchairs to Kazakhstan).

2. Rotary Club Almaty coordinated the project in Kazakhstan and organized the distribution of strollers and all other expenses.

3 . Counterpart International arranged and paid for the delivery of the wheelchair container.

4. Philip Morris Kazakhstan paid for the delivery of wheelchairs to people across Kazakhstan.

The total budget of this project was $48,000.