SOS Family Strengthening Project in Almaty

The main beneficiaries of this project were children from low-income families or families with a single parent, who are living in Auezov district of Almaty in poor conditions. Therefore their educational rights (such as access to public kindergartens, schools, sports sections, tutoring, etc.) are violated. Unfortunately, duty bearers continuously failed to guarantee education for this group. The main goal of this project was to provide children with access to schools, kindergartens, sports sections, hobby groups, etc.
In addition, the project provided vocational training opportunities and parental skills education for mothers so that they can secure a stable income and to provide adequate care for their children.

The project had several stages of implementation:

• family development plans including individual plans for each child on the basis of an educational needs assessment

• organization of educational activities on the basis of development plans

• educational support for school-age children: school materials (books), supplies, additional tutoring, fees for sports sections and study & hobby groups, school feeding (lunch), transport tickets, school clothes

• educational support for children of pre-school age: fees for a day nursery, kindergartens

• group educational training for mothers and children: increase of self-esteem, improvement of socialization and communication skills (partners)

• group and individual educational consultations for mothers: increase of knowledge and awareness about social rights

• vocational education support for mothers

The Rotary Club of Almaty has allocated 1 351 855 KZT to support the project. So, in 2009 there were 114 families with 147 children who has benefited from this project.