SOS-project for strengthening families in Almaty

The main beneficiaries of this project are children from low-income families or single-parent families who live in the Auezov district of Almaty in poor housing conditions. Thus, their rights to education (such as attendance at kindergartens, schools, sports clubs and additional classes, etc.) are violated in every possible way. Unfortunately, the responsible authorities are not able to constantly guarantee proper education for these social groups. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to provide access for children from such families to schools, kindergartens, sports sections, hobby sections, etc. In addition, the project provides vocational training and the opportunity to improve their skills for mothers so that they can provide a stable income and proper care for their children.

The project consisted of several main stages:

1. Development of family plans, which includes individual plans for each child, providing for his personal educational needs.

2. Organization of educational steps on the basis of developed plans.

3 . Educational support for school-age children: school materials (books), pens and notebooks, additional classes, payment for sports sections and hobby groups, school meals, transport tickets, school clothes.

4. Educational support for preschool children: payment for nurseries, kindergartens.

5. Group of educational trainings for mothers and children: increasing self-esteem, improving socialization and mutual communication (partners).

6. Group of Individual Counsellors on Education for Mothers: Raising Knowledge and Awareness of Social Rights.

7. Professional support for mothers' education. The Rotary Club of Almaty allocated 1,351,855 tenge for this project in 2009. Assistance was provided to 114 families of the Auezov district of Almaty, in which 147 children are brought up.