Vienna Rotary Ball 2014

22 February 2014

A magnificent tradition of the city cultural and social life of Almaty for almost 15 years was the Rotary Vienna Charity Balls, which our Club held with the help of numerous friends, partners and sponsors.

The final ball of this series of events was the Rotary Ball of 2014, the collected funds from which were sent by the Club to the equipment for air purification in the operating rooms and resuscitation wards of the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital "Aksai" within the framework of the project "Clean Air of Almaty".

This ball, according to numerous guests and sponsors, has become a real celebration of Austrian culture. We tried to make everything possible as authentic as possible - from the magnificent menu with Austrian traditional dishes and the austrian wine that was still very rare in our market, which was delivered especially for this evening, to the music and national costumes of some of the guests.

One of the striking features of the Vienna Rotary Ball 2014 was a charity auction, which was supported by two outstanding athletes of our time - Alexander Vinokurov and Novak Djokovic. The main lots of the auction were the Olympic jersey of Alexander with his personal signature and the tennis racket of Novak, which were sold to the guests of the evening - the participants of the auction.

Memories of this grand event you can see in the photo gallery and video below...