Growing Local Economies

Microcredit client Marta Lopez at her home in San Francisco, Honduras, where she makes up to 100 pieces of bread each day. After two cycles of loans from the Adelante Foundation, Lopez is now able to build a kitchen. The Adelante Foundation's microcredit program, which offers women loans and business training aimed at increasing their household incomes, is supported by a Rotary global grant.

Nearly 800 million people live on less than $1.90 a day. Rotary members are passionate about providing sustainable solutions to poverty.

Our members and our foundation work to strengthen local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities.

We provide training and access to well-paying jobs and financial management institutions. We create opportunities to help individuals and communities thrive financially and socially. For example, Rotary International and Heifer International are teaching farmers to extend their growing season and help residents eat healthier, local food.

Together with partnering financial organizations Rotary Clubs assist local entrepreneurs to obtain and use microloans to become street vendors, rickshaw drivers, weavers, and tailors.